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Wildstar has been receiving some unwanted attention lately with an influx of unscrupulous individuals to their fan-base. Be aware of several tactics used by scammers:

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With CBT4 getting closer and closer this week’s Wildstar Wednesday talks about  changes that are coming to leveling, ability loadouts and the quest system in the next update.
We also have a late PAX interview with WildStar’s Lead Scripter from our friends at Xalaga where they get an introduction to the starting zones and basic mechanics of Wildstar.
Jump over the break for more coverage.

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Today Carbine has revealed more information about Shiphands. They’re scalable quest chains from 1 to 5 players that you will encounter during your adventures and will take you anywhere from space stations saving people from a laboratory accident to being forced to fight in Darkspur Cartel’s infamous Gauntlet!

Jump over the break for the full reveal.

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wildstar awards

While PAX and Gamescon are over, the Carbine team still has some new information to reveal about their upcoming MMO, Wildstar. Today we’re going to take a look at what they had for us this past week so jump over the break to find out what dungeons you’ll have available to explore with your friends and guildies.

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wildstar awards

With two major conventions over it’s time to take a look at the awards Carbine has won with their upcoming MMORPG Wildstar. Jump over the break to see what ZAM, and others had to say about Wildstar.

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It’s been long in the making, but it’s finally here! Welcome to Junkies Nation!

The Junkies Nation Network is a collective of veteran gamers with the goal to provide you with not only the best gaming knowledge, but to bring you the latest in technology, TV, movies, comics – all forms of internet geekdom! Junkies Nation started years ago with a single site called Rift Junkies. From there we have expanded our coverage to all major AAA MMORPGs that have been released since then. As our Network grew, we realized that we needed to stretch our legs and begin to cover but every single aspect of geeks, nerds and internet bros. Because of this, was created.

Currently, we have multiple dedicated fansites covering MMORPGs from RIFT to Final Fantasy XIV that are run, not by us, but by gaming fanatics just like you that have become Site Operators. However, there’s more. A cornerstone community that grew from the Fires of Heaven guild came to a close in 2012 rather abruptly, but Junkies Nation took up the reins and kept the community alive at Many of the people that you will read articles from on Junkies Nation have come from this veteran community. Junkies Nation would not be where it is today without this amazing community.

From day one, we are dedicated to bringing you the most interesting rumors, tips, news and more from across the entertainment industry – TV, Games, Comics and Movies. As always, our central focus will always be Online Gaming.

Check us out at! Keep an eye out for contests for all sorts of movie tickets, gaming hardware, and more!
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wildstar interview

Thanks to our palls at ReadyCheck we have the entire Wildstar panel from PAX Prime on video for your enjoyment. Click continue reading and watch the Carbine guys show you how you can stick a monster’s head on your wall, plant a tree on your very own floating island or explore a dungeon inside your house and much much more.

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wildstar interview

The Wildstar panel has just begun minutes ago at PAX Prime and we already have new things to share with you. If you want to see what we know so far jump over the break but don’t forget to come back because I’ll be updating this every 15 minutes.

You can also watch the stream live at TwitchTV.

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Somehow the Carbine team managed to sneak some new content for us in the hours between Gamescon and PAX Prime as they just released a new webcomic “Mystery and Mayhem: A Tale from Beyond the Fringe!”. Looks like it’s going to be a 3 part adventure with episode 2 coming next week (9/6) and the conclusion a week later (9/13).

Head over to Wildstar-Online and enjoy this chilling adventure.

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Calling the events at Gamescom a success for Carbine and Wildstar is an understatement. With 340.000 visitors and 30 people queues 12 hours a day, they had their hands full, we had a chance to experiment both PVP and PVE content in Wildstar and of course bug the developers about anything that we wanted.

With just hours away from PAX Prime, it’s time to take a quick look at what we have learned these past few days :

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wildstar interview

Today we have some new information about the next Closed Beta Test and some other goodies from Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney in his interview with Mizpah from MMOBuff. Continue reading for the whole interview and find out more about the newest raid encounter “The Datascape” or how world rankings will work in Wildstar.

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wildstar raids

Straight from Gamescom, we get a great demonstration of raiding in Wildstar. This is the first time we get a detailed glimpsed of what to expect in a larger team fight environment. Keep an eye on the brief demonstration as we see how raid boss telegraphs work. The only concern some people have is if this will make raids easier. What do you think?

Click continue reading to watch the video.

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crowd control dev speak

The folks over at Carbine Studios are well-aware of the fact that crowd control can both be pretty awesome and be… well, not-so-awesome. Anyone who PvPs a lot can tell you just how awesome being chain-CC’ed is. Yeah, definitely not-so-awesome. Luckily, WildStar looks to be taking the good ol’ standard crowd control mechanic for a spin and adding in a few ways for players to break out from CC abilities early and avoid them altogether. They’re calling this mechanic Breakout Gameplay, and we’ve got a whole new DevSpeak video covering the topic.

During the video, we also hear a little about “interrupt armor”, which is a mechanic that will let groups of players team up and apply crowd control to boss mobs that are normally immune to such effects. We had previously heard a bit about interrupt armor in this Rezzed 2013 video.

Keep reading to take a look at all those stars, I mean, crowd control abilities.

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happy sub model dudes

Amidst yesterday’s big news regarding the long-awaited business model announcement for WildStar, Carbine Studios also included this pretty awesome tidbit when they released a detailed visual guide to the plans of their subscription/CREDD model– an updated release date! That’s right, we’re officially looking at Spring 2014 now.

“We’ve been watching and listening to the outstanding feedback from our Beta community over the last few months and right now, with the changes planned, we’re projecting a Spring 2014 launch. Over the coming months, we’ll also dive into some of the smaller (but just as important) changes we’ve been planning in reaction to beta feedback we’ve seen, so you know what to expect when we ramp up beta again later this year. Our number one commitment is quality; we think that having a ton of fun, polished content and deep top-level gameplay is a big chunk of what separates the big boys from the also-rans in the online business.”

It seems like most folks are pretty happy with the announced business model. Carbine tried to strike a decent balance for both old school MMORPG fans who were hoping to pay a monthly sub to keep things ‘real’ and for gamers who were looking for a little more flexibility in the way they spend cash on gaming. Both schools of thought have something to gain from WildStar‘s model, and that’s great. Just look at the title image, which is from Carbine’s illustrated guide. Happy, goofy-looking gamers. That’s the goal, right? Well, minus the goofy-looking part. Possibly.

What are your thoughts on the model now that we’ve all had a day to let the news sink it? Hit or miss? Sound off in the comments section below!

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path lessons vid title

The details are out, folks! published the goods just a bit ago– WildStar will feature an old school subscription plan business model with an extra twist that will allow a decent chunk of dedicated players to earn their monthly subscriptions through playing the game. WildStar will not feature a free-to-play store of any type. Here are the details:

“First, let’s laydown the basics for you. The box for WildStar will cost you the now standard price of $59.99, which gets you 30-days of free game time, and three week-long passes for friends to try the game too. After that, you’ll have to pay $14.99 a month, or cheaper ($13.99 for three months, $12.99 for six, $10.99 for a year) if you pay for multiple months at a time. But the big twist that WildStar is throwing into the mix is that you still can play for free… if you’re willing to work for it in-game. That’s where CREDD comes in.

CREDD stands for Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction and Development (cleverly “WildStarified” by the Carbine team). Basically, players can buy this month-long unit of game time from the website itself, and then turn around and sell it in-game on the Commodities Exchange. Now the CE isn’t going to behave like some sort of bland Auction House. Think of it instead like a stock exchange.”

The in-game prices of CREDD will depend on its availability but won’t be completely controllable. This will ideally protect players against gold sellers and market manipulation. TERA and EVE both have systems that are somewhat similar to this model. Sounds interesting!

Check out the full article for more information.

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