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Calling the events at Gamescom a success for Carbine and Wildstar is an understatement. With 340.000 visitors and 30 people queues 12 hours a day, they had their hands full, we had a chance to experiment both PVP and PVE content in Wildstar and of course bug the developers about anything that we wanted.

With just hours away from PAX Prime, it’s time to take a quick look at what we have learned these past few days :

  • release date pushed to spring 2014
  • open beta will come a month prior to release
  • early access phase for preorders
  • subscription payment model
  • C.R.E.D.D. system that allows you to pay your subscription with ingame curency
  • ~150 hours average leveling time
  • Closed Beta Test 4 will begin in October with a revamped character progression system, new UI, elder game content and engine optimizations
  • spectator mode and PVP arenas should be at release but they’re not guaranteed
  • pvp will be opt-in on PVE servers
  • 2 new dungeons Ruins of Kel Voreth and Stormtalon’s Lair
  • no LookingForRaid but it will have a LookingForDungeon feature
  • The Datascape, a new raid where you fight inside a computer with randomized layouts / encounters
  • mentoring deleveling is optional
  • PVP will use an ELO rating system
  • Diablo like health globe mechanic
  • mounts are customizable, and have combat skills
  • 5 types of telegraphs red, blue, green, orange, purple
  • 90% of skills are skillshots
  • no combat resurrection in PVP or PVE